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Bad Rabbit Invades Europe – New Ransomware Attack

Posted by BulletVPN on 26 10 2017.

A new ransomware attack, dubbed Bad Rabbit, is spreading across Europe like wildfire. Germany, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey have all been affected so far. Kaspersky Lab, a cyber-security firm, has compared the ransomware attack to WannaCry and Petya, two attacks that caused millions of dollars in losses earlier this year. What…


What is KRACK Wi-Fi Vulnerability and How to Protect Yourself

Posted by BulletVPN on 23 10 2017.

A couple of days ago, Belgium-based security researcher Mathy Vanhoef disclosed a serious flaw in Wi-Fi’s WPA2 security protocol. This was called the KRACK vulnerability, which is short for Key Reinstallation Attack. Through this, the four-way authentication process between a network and a device can be targeted to enter a…