Terms Of Use

This is an agreement between you and BulletVPN.com for virtual private network communications services, related services and features It is NOT a service for the commission of criminal acts. It is an anonymity and privacy service. You agree not to violate any laws of any jurisdiction you are originating from or terminating into.

You agree to protect your user id/password and our system from unauthorized use. You are responsible for all actions that occur on our servers where the login uses your user id/password.

You agree not to use the system for sending spam, port scanning, scanning for open proxies or open relays, sending opt-in email, unsolicited email, or any type or version of email sent in large quantities even if the email is ultimately sent off of another server. You agree not to launch any pop-ups from our service. You agree not to attack in any way shape or form any other computer or network while on our service.

Actual service coverage, speeds, locations, and quality may vary. The Service will attempt to be available at all times except for limited periods for maintenance and repair. However the Service may be subject to unavailability for a variety of factors beyond our control including emergencies, third-party service failures, transmission, equipment or network problems or limitations, interference, signal strength, and may be interrupted, refused, limited, or curtailed. We are not responsible for data, messages, or pages lost, not delivered, delayed, or misdirected because of interruptions or performance issues with the Service or communications services or networks (e.g., T-1 lines or the Internet).

We may impose usage or Service limits, suspend Service, or block certain kinds of usage at our sole discretion to protect users or the Service. Network speed is an estimate and is no indication of the speed at which your or the Service sends or receives data. Actual network speed will vary based on configuration, compression, network congestion, and other factors. The accuracy and timeliness of data received are not guaranteed; delays or omissions may occur.

We do not log any user activity (sites visited, DNS lookups, emails, etc.) We only log access attempts to our servers (for security and troubleshooting). We do not get involved in any form of censorship. We do not give your personal info to any third parties. We do not cooperate with any requests for information unless we are ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction and the vast majority of these requests would not be from a court of competent jurisdiction We will protect you to the max and our system is set up to automatically do so. There are hundreds of good reasons for being anonymous and we respect them fully.

Hacking, cracking, distribution of viruses, fraudulent activities, network sabotage, phishing, and/or any conduct deemed illegal or unwanted shall be subject to suspension or termination. Users are responsible for the proper secure configuration of their services and are responsible for any damages caused by their neglect or exposure of vulnerabilities whether intentional or unintentional.

BulletVPN does not put any cap on bandwidth or data usage per user however the use of service is subjected to fair usage. Creating automated or manual VPN sessions in a manner that would impersonate a bot or exerting excessive load on the network that may disturb other users on the network or utilizing substantially excessive bandwidth that exceeds the average user bandwidth usage for an extended duration or the like, all are considered as unfair usage of the network. BulletVPN reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently terminate users found involved in unfair usage of its services.


All BulletVPN orders processed via credit cards are conducted by our online reseller Paddle.comPaddle.com is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.

Cancellation Policy

When supported by your payment method, plans renew automatically by default at the completion of the billing term. By default, the renewal term is for the same duration as the billing term for the original subscription. The subscription fee will be charged automatically to the payment method you last selected. If you would like to discontinue automatic renewal, you may sign in to the Site and cancel your subscription. By default, automatic renewal is enabled when you use a payment method that supports recurring bulling (such as a credit card or Paypal) and disabled when you use a payment method that does not support recurring billing (such as bitcoin). When you cancel your subscription, you can continue using the Service until the end of the billing period during which you cancel. After the end of that billing period, you won’t be able to use the Service.

Refund Policy

You have the right to cancel your BulletVPN account and receive a full refund within 30 days of your initial purchase as per BulletVPN’s 30-day money-back Guarantee.
To request a refund, please contact BulletVPN support. Refunds generally require up to 7 days to be processed back to your account.

DDoS Protection Policy

“It’s prohibited to any subscriber on our network to use our services, without a DDoS protection add-on, even when they know and expect DDoS attacks. BulletVPN reserves the right to either ban such accounts or alert them to use our services with DDoS protection.”

Anti-Fraud Policy

BulletVPN hereby states that no accounts would be offered to clients residing in African nations except South Africa. This step had to be taken in wake of increasing complaints of fraudulent activities originating from Nigeria. However, BulletVPN reserves its right to allow anyone as an exception to get an account, on receipt of government Issued IDs or Landline phone. Anyone who tries to bypass checks will immediately get his/her account terminated. All fraudulent activities may be reported to the respective police and related law enforcement authorities.

In order to serve our legitimate customers, like yourself, with a VPN network that is free from troubles/downtime, we have employed a stringent Anti-Fraud Policy. If our anti-fraud system rates your transaction as a ‘potential risk’, you will be requested to go through a verification process. The mere purpose of asking for such verification is the fact that we need to keep fraudsters away and because we believe you are a genuine customer, you will have no issues in choosing from one of the options offered to you e.g. Send us a blank email from a non-free email address, Send us any NON-CONFIDENTIAL Document, etc.

Limited Liability

BulletVPN shall not be liable under any circumstances for any special, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages arising out of or in any way connected with this Agreement and/or any services and products that you may choose to purchase or use, including but not limited to: damages for lost profits, loss of service use, loss of data, loss of privacy, damages to third parties. This limited liability clause shall apply even if BulletVPN has been notified of the possibility of any claims. In no event shall BulletVPN’s maximum liability exceed the total amount paid by you for the service or the product.

Important Note

At times, there are changes and amendments to BulletVPN’s Terms and Conditions. BulletVPN has all the rights to modify and alter Terms and Conditions, whenever it is necessary and required by BulletVPN. This is the whole agreement. It is the responsibility of the users to periodically check for new Terms of Service. If after the changes in Terms and Conditions, the user still is using BulletVPN, it will be considered as an agreement between the user and BulletVPN on revised Terms and Conditions.